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digital interfaces for the human experience.

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in the power of simplicity and minimalism. Not just aesthetically, but as the guiding principle behind creating the most pleasurable user experiences possible. This includes both creative and code as we strive to focus on making less, more.

We work

in the silicon forest of Portland, Oregon. Gambit is a boutique digital workshop comprised of designers, developers and thinkers. We build websites, apps, and pretty much anything that involves pixels, code and a screen, with a focus on making UX Design a true craft.

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with some amazing brands and companies who are making their mark on the world.

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Paydici (pronounced pay-deechy) is an enterprise billing and mail service for businesses looking to convert their customers to paperless. We helped them rebrand and do a full design overhaul on their print and digital experience.

  • Brand and Identity
  • Responsive Design
  • Video Production

Making billing beautiful

When Paydici—a new startup in Portland, Oregon—first brought their product to market, they quickly realized that they needed a brand overhaul to be competitive. So we set out to create a corporate identity that would be elegant and modern while evoking a trustworthy image. The brand kit consisted of the usual arsenal including logo, colors, fonts, brand guidelines, and a slew of coordinating marketing collateral.

Crafting fun, interactive stories

The Paydici value proposition is powerful but sometimes difficult to differentiate from competitors. To help remedy this, we launched a website that was simple and yet feature rich, utilizing video, interactive elements, and a customized survey.
Paydici mobile payment system

Reponsive design for a mobile world

These days, responsive design—optimal viewing accross a number of device sizes—is a necessary part of our design process. So we made sure that the online experience would be just as fun and engaging whether the user was on their desktop or their mobile. For instance, this interactive and touch-friendly calculator lets users see exactly how much they’ll save by using Paydici. Who said billing had to be boring?

A tactile user experience

One of Paydici’s greatest features is the ability to help companies migrate to paperless. We helped make this experience more joyful by designing the paper bill experience pleasant and digitally integrated to pay online. Using a QR code, the customer can scan the bill and begin the process of going paperless. Not only that, but the e-bill was designed to be just as clear and simple to use.


Rooted in California lifestyle fashion, Pacsun (formally known as Pacific Sunwear) looked to Gambit to help redesign their online e-commerce experience.

  • Brand and Identity
  • Responsive Design
  • Art Direction

Rethinking the Golden State of Mind

Pacsun, the largest California lifestyle apparel brand in retail, approached us to help with their responsive redesign inititative. We were excited to take their e-commerce experience to the next level. Their new, elevated site design is optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop and embodies an elegant minimalist user interface.

Fresh, Fluid and Flexible Design

Pacsun curates the best surf, skate and urban brands in California and offers them to the world. We used the homepage as an editorial platform to help showcase the latest brands and tell their story. The dynamic CMS layout can be rearranged and reformatted easily for their marketing team to create new content on the fly, keeping the site fresh.

Pacsun fluid homepage
Pacsun's mobile checkout

Optimized for mobile commerce

With Pacsun’s target market being young, mobile users, it was paramount that the new design be optimal for smartphones and tablets. This meant rethinking how the user could easily touch their way from product to checkout.

A brand of brands

Pacsun is home to top-selling urban and fashion brands like Nike, Vans & Hurley. We designed an editorial experience that let Pacsun create unique, engaging content for each of them.

Simple Checkout

Since analytics and user tests were revealing a significant amount of shopping cart abandonment, we made the checkout process frictionless and a joy to use.


The Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining is an organization that clears landmines all throughout the world. Our technology helped make their job just a little bit easier.

  • UX Design
  • Prototyping
  • App Development

Technology with a cause

The GICHD is an international organization that removes landmines all over the world. We were tasked with helping them communicate with their demining teams on the ground by creating a powerful software suite that replaces antiquated paper-driven processes.

Demining starts with a web app

We created a custom web app for the administrative staff in Geneva to create unique form requests for their teams on the ground. These forms then sync with the ground team’s tablets so they can provide important data including GPS coordinates, maps, and rich media.

A new way to map progress

We created a robust mapping and reporting tablet app that lets the ground team easily share complicated data across their ogranization. This system replaces a mostly paper-driven process that is cumbersome and prone to inaccuracy. Our app leverages the ArcGIS mapping API to collect geodata quickly and easily using the deminig community's existing standards.

Moving data across the globe

The tablet app was designed to be simple and beautiful, but also highly aligned with GICHD’s information management system. The ability to seamlessly exchange critical data through modern technology helps the agency be more efficient and useful to the world.

Working for the greater good

It's not everyday that we get the opportunity to create amazing digital experiences that actually make a difference in the world. We’re very proud to work with a humanitarian organization that is saving lives through leveraging modern technology.


Founded on the powerful technology of Aliaswire, DirectBiller is a product that lets companies whitelabel their payment processing.

  • Brand & Identity
  • Reponsive Design
  • Development

Leveraging modern design for payments.

We were asked to design and develop a sleek, new modern interface for the existing DirectBiller product that was in need of UX/UI refresh. The new experience would simplify the payment workflow and be optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

White label ready

This powerful payment portal is utilized by companies all over the country making brand customizing of colors, fonts, and logo a core feature of the product. Our visual design strategy made whitelabeling a breeze for the DirectBiller team to implement during client onboarding.


We made online payments super intuitive in DirectBiller. By reducing the friction of this payment gateway, users are more likely to have a successful transaction. This is the power of a clean UX.

Optimized for today's devices

The previous version of this app was not responsive and we set out to change that by thinking “mobile-first.” Over 60% of internet usage is now done on mobile and tablet devices which makes responsive design paramount when it comes to usability.

Modern and Mobile

Thinking through the mobile workflow helped realize the opportunities to reduce clutter in the application and, in turn, a more joyful experience.

The Great Gatsby

This interactive and feature rich digital press kit for Baz Luhrmann's 2013 movie release of F. Scott Fitzgerald's epic novel was built for maximum social engagement.

  • Development
  • Social Integration
  • Interactive

Curating engagement

The Great Gatsby movie, like most of Baz Luhrmann’s films, can best be described as a visual masterpiece. Adorned with beautiful wardrobe, set design and cinematography, the online experience would showcase the grandiose artifacts of the film as a way to capture the hearts of movie-goers.

Creating a story rich platform

The concept was simple—let the art direction of the film speak for itself. Fans could view high resolution assets from the film and dive deep into the production process.

Making it share worthy

Compelling content needs to be set free in the world of social. We custom coded the site to be Tumbled, Pinned, Liked and Tweeted every step of the way. This created buzz around the film in ways more traditional forms of advertising could never touch; and we like it that way.

Let it be heard

With the visual aspect of the film being so prominent, it was only natural to offer a streaming audio experience as well. This feature let users stream the soundtrack directly from the site using SoundCloud® integration.

A truly immersive experience

With an all-star cast like Gatsby's, there was plenty of rich content to offer.